samedi 12 mars 2011

A sepcial Nat'Co in A Weird place

3 nights and 4 days in a Weird hotel Situated in the east coast of Tunisia In a city Called "Sousse" 
the place doesn't really matter , but the people does ,
and here it goes again another awesome Conference  with amazing people 
Nat'co Makes you discover a whole new facade of the Organisation   
something more professional and serious , a full  agenda ; EB tracks , legislation , election ...
there is not enough time for fun but we had fun anyway. 
No time for sleeping ... instead of sleeping  we had room parties and a lot of fun 
LCs' newbies and active members were close to each other despite some issues ...
but all i can add now is that " the stress , the workload the failures and the fights are  due to the competence  between LCs  "  but without forgetting "the successes, the friendships, the experiences and the knowledge  that we gain through living diversity and working in teams  "

Without forgetting that we all wish the same thing to AIESEC in Tunisia Which is the success & a flourishing future and that's why the Consolidation team were there helping AIESEC memebers (newbies , active members and VPs ...) making the AIESEC in Tunisia's 2015 VISION  

A special  Thanks to myriem (National LCD manager of AIESEC in Tunisia 10|11)
 for giving me the Opportunity to be among the Consolidation team 

another Special thanks goes to the OCs 

Another special thanks to the AAT (AIESEC alumni tunisia)

Thank you AIESEC for giving me the chance to have a wonderful family and 
to nourish my global mindset

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