dimanche 27 mars 2011

The power of the chronicle "Am alive"

I don't know from where should I start , i'm field with extraordinary feelings .
Well the 26th of march was the Opening of LC SFAX's Pbox (project based on exchange) called Am alive 
"in brief it  is a social network designed for people with special needs in Tunisia.
This AIESEC Sfax project is aimed at parents, grandparents, siblings, aunt/uncles, teachers and friends of people who have special needs and those living with special needs themselves. we aim to help needy and handicapped people in order to make them forget about their disabilities "

two weeks of hard work  and despite some issues,  i love the work with my team and i'm really proud of them and of all the members of AIESEC SFAX , spending days and nights working on it , planing , contacting important people ... looking for people interested in our Project , aiming for a better society in which handicapped people will be equal to normal people ... and this ceremony was the fruit of our hard work . we are grateful to AIESEC the Amazing association that gave us the chance to work on such a project to be change agents ... THANK YOU AIESEC .

We were honored by the presence of the  National committee .

People from diffrent ages and area of work and experience gathered to share this event with us . i'm really grateful to the persons who supported us whether financially or morally to make Our  Opening ceremony happens in  great circumstances . 

the speakers in our Opening ceremony were Mme Elizeth Lima called Zaza lima and Mme Olfa sallemi , they talked about how we should act with those needy people , how people are treating them now and how they should treat them from now on , speeches full of emotions and wisdom at the same time .

 Some feedbacks from  people who did attend our Opening ceremony 

Houssem Saidi (current MCP ; President of AIESEC in Tunisia)
Great Impact we saw today, we are very proud of what you did and seek bigger impact in the next few months !! Thumbs up AIESEC in Sfax!


Fakhri Fourati (AIESEC sfax Alumnus)
Change agents, I just saw them today , Very proud of you all.

KhaLed Trabelsi (AIESEC SFAX member)
Great job guys !! I'm very proud of you !! you surprised the MC (national committee) and the Local committee too !! keep up the good work !!

Hamdi Fakhfakh (Old member of AIESEC sfax )
Merci vivement pour nos chers familles pour le sentiment de reconnaissance envers notre AIESEC.

Fatma Mkaouar  (member from AIESEC thyna )
Great job , keep shining guys 

The OC team of the Pbox Am alive with some  guests and our Alumni 

PS: remember Guys it's just the Beginning of our project "Opening ceremony " so stay tuned , other events will soon take place . join us in our facebook fan page to be updated . please write down your comments we want to know your feedbacks and what do you think about our project .

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