mardi 3 mai 2011

All about Tu'Lds ? no , what happened in Tu'Lds stays in Tu'Lds

I never thought i'll be able to make it , i did the impossible to be there
 i made it in the last moment

me with the company of Huda and Marwa in the train 

Tu'Lds is not just a seminar , Tu'Lds is an amazing opportunity to see your old friends ,to meet new ones , to work hard and to party harder .
It feels like it's all about this seminar , fortunately i made it in the second day 

Just got to Tunis , waiting for the Bus to take us to Bizert "Jalta club" 
As soon as  we get there we did our check in 
and guess what? 
i checked in with two amazing trainees Maya and Melissa

After checking in ,  the surprises just started , i've seen my Algerian bro Coyot "Mohamed rahmani " 

then my dear Amine Mizouri from LC hadrumet 

and so on ... 
after that we had the MC café 
and the waiters are ....

the MC & the FACIs themselves 
Such amazing waiters that you'll never see anywhere else 

Later on that night 

I spent My first night with Marcella , Fawez, Bilel et Imrane in the "Moorish café"
(my first night suppose to be the second night for those who went to the conference from the start  )

the following day was  the " external day  "
where two of the Partners of  AIESEC in Tunisia 
held two sessions each one lasted for like 3 hours 

Cepex session 
and workshops 

thanks guys , this workshop wasn't really my cup of tea , i wasn't really in  but it was inspiring and delightful  to see the ideas of  my fellow AIESEC'ers , it was the beginning of the path for me to get interested in the Cepex thing in particular and in the IT in general 

The chair & the FACIs during the workshops of Cepex

then we had the AMIDEAST session & workshops 
it was like brainstorming with the team than sharing our ideas with  the whole plenary


 Later on ...
we had a break of two hours 

 we found out that the 
 the previous MCP (President of AIESEC in Tunisia for the term 2009/2010) has joined us 
in the last night of the conference 

the guys had the chance to play soccer together 
and the girls had enough time to prepare themselves for the official Dinner 

the Algerian delegation with the company of me and Fawez 
enjoying the Official Dinner 

After the official diner , time to take photos with some unforgettable people 

Later on that night we had the international reports and talent show 

then i spent the rest of the night with the company of many amazing people in the " Moorish café " as well 

in the last day of the conference i wasn't able to stay for the sessions
since i have to leave Bizert early to get back home in time
but  at least i witnessed the punishment 

roll call in the sea 

to sum up , i spent 48 amazing hours with  the company of awesome people 
it's inspiring and delighting
i'll never forget those great moments that i spent with  the company of the Algerian delegation
 as well as with the Italian delegation and everyone else ...

but as i said in the beginning "what happened in Tu'Lds stays in Tu'Lds"
because what i just wrote isn't enough to describe those 48hours 

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