mardi 9 avril 2013

Out of my comfort zone: Worthing September 2012

Its been almost 2 years since i didn't "long in" to my blog and it seems kinda weird !
2 years without publishing anything ! 

 Let's get back on track and start this article with a quote  " traveling __ Leaves you speechless , then turns you into a storyteller . -Ibn batuta-

Here is my Worthing , Uk experience . (September 2012)

I'll leave you with a Poem that i already wrote a couple of months ago ,tonight, until I write another article about my Whole experience in England.

For worthing 

worthing i'm homesick and torn 
can someone be homesick to a place other than his real home town ?
Missing your roads
Missing your winds when it blows 
Taking a stroll down the Pier 
Even late at night i had no fear
Missing your restaurants and pubs 
Yearning to spend a Saturday night at club ten  
Or a Friday evening at forty two rock pub
Missing you like hell;
That's why i'm holding a paper and a pen 
Trying to write about you with what i can 
Trying to make people see the beauty that i saw in you and be a fan 
They say " home is where the heart is" ;
I want to say this 
I'm writing this for you 
To every corner I've been to
From Lyndhurst Road to the Dome 
From West park to the Ocean's foam
All i can do is bow 
To you in wow 
Keep on remembering you as i grow 
You are a part of me wherever i go
I left my heart near homefield park,
While strolling in the dark.
Your nights are calm and bright .
I want to take the next flight and be in your arms by daylight.

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