mardi 14 juin 2011

Nabila , Christopher and Cecy are in the house

I hadn't enough time lately to publish an article in my blog anyway here I am again online to write about the arrival of Nabila , Christopher and Cecy .

on the 1st of June Nabila and Chris took the plane from Mexico,  Distination ==> Tunisia ==>Bizert ==> Sfax

They got To the airport of Carthage late , they were welcomed by a friend of mine and they spent the night and the following day in Bizert.
 later , on the 3rd of June they got to Sfax
and we were waiting for them in the train station

we welcomed them 

and later on we showed them around and then we took them  to the  NGO so they can have a clear Idea about what 
they are going to do in the upcoming days 

then we showed them some places around sfax we took them to the Medina café 

to Golden park , to the french house ....

Starting from the following day we start going to the NGO every morning to show them the way and to provide them with a good transportation  
On the 6 of June Cecy joined us late at night when she got to The airport of Tunisia she took a Cap and went Directly to the train station and got to sfax around 10pm i went with my dad to Welcome her and pick her up . in the following day she meet up with Chris and Nabila in the NGO and after finishing the work in the NGO we went for a walk 

We walked around the down town and then back to the trainee house.

2 days later we had the Birthday of Christopher 

"Happy birthday Chris" 

I hope that you liked the surprise as well as the gifts 

Back to the work with NGO

Thank you Nabila , Cecy and Chris for drawing smiles on their faces

A very touching moments for Cecy on her first day in the NGO ,
Cecy was so happy when a disabled girl understood her when she said to her that she like her (even thou that girl don't speak english she understood Cecy ) it was a delightful moment . 

after a week of hard work in the NGOs Both UTAIM amal and UTAIM raed bjaoui 
we had the open doors day , with the ACT with Mrs Elizeth Lima and later on the Berber catwalk 

Open doors day and catwalk  was a project called 
"Karama : dignité jusqu'au bout des doigts"  

(which means: Dignity to the fingertips)

It was a  A creative partnership for valuing people with special needs in the field of the traditional Berber  clothing 
the clothes were designed and created by them 
A big up for there talent 

and a big thanks to Miss Hajer Elgaied 

and to Mrs Elizeth Lima 

It was an amazing day and our trainees had a lot of fun .
 Our dear Cecy met up with Other Brazilian who  lives here and she was happy to talk with people from her home country and to talk Portuguese 

Some Photos during the catwalk 

The following day we had a party in UTAIM amal for the Kids 
in order to draw more smiles on there faces 

Hand in hand , together for a better future 

" the world is big enough for everyone "

(le monde et assez grand pour tout le monde) 

Thanks to all those who stood by our side when we needed them 

Big thanks for UTAIM raed Bejaoui  for UTAIM amal 
and for the ACT  

More events in the upcoming days 
and waiting for our 3 other trainees to join us 
by the end of this month 

So please stay tuned .

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