dimanche 9 février 2014

HeySuccess ..

HeySuccess .. The largest hub for Students’ opportunities

      Heysuccess is a site that collects up to date student opportunities from every corner of the world and offers them in one easily accessible place . All for free ! just decide what type of opportunity you wish to look for and you will find it right away , no need to go on several hours googling in order to find the free ones, just check this site and you'll never regret it.

 brief statements about the website :

  •  Information about all possible student opportunities (scholarships , summer schools and conferences , graduate programs and competitions) from all across the globe 
  • They only keep the active opportunities posted , meaning you will only find opportunities that are available to apply for
  • Everything is absolutely free of charges , No credit card numbers , no premium accounts , no payment requirements 
  • Fully automated search engine and with an intelligent search algorithm , which is based on personalized search criteria 
  • Universities , Organizations and even companies publish their student opportunities for free

The happy news, a friend of mine 5 days ago just got his approval to go to Tokyo to follow an internship there! And that was through HeySuccess! Guys, stop complaining about the opportunities you applied for and missed and think  more about what heysuccess  can offer you . Students worldwide are starting to make their dreams come true and some have already  traveled abroad to gain experience  in their respective fields of studies , I  hope you can make your DREAMS come true! J

mardi 3 décembre 2013

GEYC : Group of the European youth for change

I can’t believe that my GEYexperience as a New media ambassador is coming to an end,  the team was amazing and everything went as expected and even better than expected regarding some tasks . Group work is something that I highly recommend, needless to say when it is about working in a multicultural team  with amazing managers like Gabriel and Diana .

The tasks aren’t hard and the internship is accessible to anyone , add to that the fact that it is an online internship which means it will only take of your time  around 10 to 15 hours per weeks and you’ll be doing the tasks from the comfort of your couch .
Meanwhile we are having a contest running for a while now , which is pretty simple 
FIND ( one of our resources here
TEST it on your laptop of phone 
give us a feedback in a comment  (here)

And you can WIN a prize (the names of  the Winners will be announced on our fanpage)

NOTE : the applications are open for the 4th and 5th edition of the internship . Take a look and give it a chance . you won’t regret it 
follow this link