vendredi 31 décembre 2010

Get ready

Let's talk about my second Seminar , it was a great experience , spending 2 nights and 3 days surrounded   by amazing people from all part of  Tunisia and from Algeria too in a nice hotel situated in Monastir  the Agenda of the seminar was quite full but we had fun both during the sessions and later in the parties the theme of the sessions were good and i liked the workshop that we did in the second day 
It was nice to meet the Algerian delegation they were amazing
it was really  nice to meet Youcef redjouani , mohamed rahmani and Mouloud kessir and the rest of them 
all i can say to you guys is
" keep shining "
Special thanks to the FACIs and to our MC

 And also a big  thanks  to the extraordinary OCs from LC hadrumet
 because they did their best 

can't wait to meet  all of you again in the Nat'Co (national conference)

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